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Taking the Long Way

taking the long way

Today, out on the trail, I noticed sunflowers filling the old shortcut leading to the top of the hill. Since the fence was built to prevent erosion, trail goers have been taking the long way. It got me thinking about my life, this journey that I’m on. Is there an eroding trail in my life? What needs preserving or renewing? Do I need to set new boundaries? I’m not sure. What I do know is that my life becomes all the more beautiful when I stop taking shortcuts, slow down, and take time to really live. It’s not about how quickly I reach the top. Life is about the journey — one step, one moment at a time. And the sunflowers? They remind me to be open and shine.

Traillotta Hikeona, Natural Drag Queen

Miss Winter Ball

Miss Winter Ball

I was — no doubt — divinely inspired when I gave my favorite trail her drag name, Traillotta Hikeona. Traillotta, my best GIRLfriend, is a fabulously fierce queen, no matter the season.

In winter, Traillotta is SICKENING in her luxurious white coat, puffy hat, and fuzzy mittens. Yes, girl, when it snows, she becomes the BELLE of the Winter Ball, y’all! Devastatingly gorgeous and a bit mysterious, she reminds me of the edgy Nina Flowers. Queens on ice, SO nice!

Springtime is when Traillotta starts pulling out the color as she blossoms with the new season. She’s working her quirky look with some ZANY greens and FUN pastels. Gosh, is that Tammie Brown or Traillotta out here in nature?  Wide-eyed and a little CRAY CRAY, Traillotta has a renewed, if a little awkward, pep in her step.

In the summertime, Traillotta is one LEGENDARY lady boy with her lush carpet couture.  Servin’ up Supermodel of the WORLD realness with hair so damn big that it casts shadows for days. Oh yes, like RuPaul, Traillotta is the bees knees, Hunty!

In the autumn, Traillotta reminds me of the beautiful Latrice Royale. She’s LARGE AND IN CHARGE with her rich colors and crisp feel — pure ELEGANZA! Girlfriend changes her look and dons a fall time frock with a flowing train of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.  No T, no shade, but I just saw a wild turkey in your dress, girl.

No matter what she’s wearing, Traillotta Hikeona is just being herself — telling her T — as we kiki along. Yep, Traillotta is one fierce — NATURAL — queen!