Where Do Bumblebees Go When It’s Windy?


Where do bumblebees go when it’s windy? I wonder as I head out in the wind for a run, trying to clear my head and lighten my heart. Being open is being vulnerable and vulnerability hurts. It’s hard for me to catch my breath.

I run past the flowering bush where I recently saw a bumblebee. So rare, now, to see big fuzzy bees. Today, as my hurt buzzes in my head and stings my heart, I think of bumblebees and the beauty they bring.

As I turn toward the creek, I stop running. The headwind stops me. It pushes back as hard as I push forward. I give in. It becomes a contemplative walk. I continue in the wind, turning uphill. Can the wind blow all of this hurt away?

I reach the path to my favorite bench by the creek in the woods. I walk across the rocks to my shady resting spot. Bees like the shade. I try to hold back my tears until I think I’m out of sight. Choking up, I look for an answer to my question about bumblebees and the wind. After a quick search, I learn that bumblebees go out in strong wind even when other bees won’t. My tears flow like this creek. As do the bumblebees, I know to keep facing the strong, powerful force, my wind, my hurt. No retreat to a hive, a home. Just keeping on despite this wind.

But, as I sit here with this hurt, in the distance I see a man. Feeling a little startled, I wonder if he sees me crying. Does he know? My eyes well up again as his wide-brimmed hat reminds me of a beekeeper. Is he coming to lead me home?

5 thoughts on “Where Do Bumblebees Go When It’s Windy?

    1. Dana Post author

      No, there was not a headwind when I took that photo:) Interestingly enough, many novice beekeepers question if it ok to tend to bees when it’s really windy out. So I guess they are more afraid of not knowing what to do about the bees in the wind. I’m gonna ask him over to teach me more about bees. We need more bees — bees please!

  1. Jess

    You write beautifully! You take lovely photos, you make jewelry, you are amazing :).

    I haven’t been to the shucking tub in awhile but convinced my reader to let me follow you (took some persuading – maybe it’s biased against non- wordpress folk!) . I plan on being around more now. Keep writing!

    1. Dana Post author

      Awww, thank you, Jess! I just saw your comment, here, today. I think I’m still learning to drive this thing. I appreciate you coming by. David is laughing at me right now. He hears me reading out loud:) He’s the blog master, don’t you know? I enjoy reading your blog and vow to be a better blog neighbor. I’ll make some homemade lemonade next time:)

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