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Finding the Horizon

Sunset Inverted

Sunset Inverted

Standing there feeling broken, she held her head down. As her eyes gently closed, she let out a deep sigh. After a short while, she could no longer tell if she was still praying, breathing, or both. She knew she had lost sight of where she’d wanted to go. She was in need of help, looking for light, something from deep within.

Sensing the earth’s shadow, she slowly raised her head and opened her eyes. There she saw the earth meeting the sky. Witnessing this perpetually moving sphere touching the heavens, creating this ephemeral blue band that reaches against the brilliant red sky, something happened. She took it in before her: the sunrise.

Joie de Vivre!

Joie de vivre!

Almost anachronistic, these blue beads shine with a fiery golden sparkle and seem a bit nostalgic for those heady days of yesteryear. Maybe I’ll indulge that sentiment by wrapping some 14k gold pieces in with these beads to to keep them company. Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Or, wrap, as it were.)